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Yuhuan CNC машински алати Co., Ltd.

Основано во 1998 година, YUHUAN е јавно претпријатие за високо-технолошки национален клуч (залихи бр.: 002903) специјализирано за истражување и развој, производство и продажба на прецизни и високоефикасни CNC машински алати.

Our company has 6 series and more than 50 products as follows: CNC double surface grinder; cam shaft and crankshaft grinder; lapping and машина за полирање; turning and milling machine; CNC cylindrical grinder; CNC valve машина за мелење and special equipment for piston rings, etc. Our products are widely used in automotive, IT electronic, military, and aerospace, shipbuilding, bearings, seals, household appliances, and other key areas of national economy.

YUHUAN has been accredited as the Provincial Engineering Research Center of Precision CNC Machine Tools, the Provincial Enterprise Technology Center and Academician Workstation.

The workshop and office area covers 20K Square Meters.

With over 270 staffs, including over 50 R&D technical engineers.

Main products output more than 1000 sets per year.


Пазарот мрежа

Our company has established an extensive sales network throughout the country, and its products are exported to the United States、 India、 South Korea,、Thailand、 Brazil、Russia、 Portugal、Vietnam、 Kenya and other countries . Yuhuan has always enjoyed a good reputation at home and overseas for its high-quality products, excellent after-sales service and cost-effective advantages.